Risk Management

One of the largest causes of data corruption, deletion or transfer to unauthorised persons or organisations is caused by human intervention. Intellectual property protection has been taken to the next level as more and more ‘White Collar’ crimes need to be eliminated. Ingran can implement a total security solution including:

Reliable protection of intellectual property of your core business
Monitor and record screen snapshots of your computers within LAN on a real-time basis and round the clock

Reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions
Secure your valuable industry-specific assets by limiting a selected user on the usage of particular application software and visit to pre-defined web sites as well.

Record file operations
Record file operations of computers to facilitate tracing of the illegal file operations.

Prevent leakage of sensitive data
Disable computer ports used to connect external storage devices to prevent leakage of sensitive data through removable storage devices.

Enhance customer relationship
With the help of IP-guard, you can easily retrieve and playback snapshot history. Snapshot history provides an effective way to evaluate service quality evaluation and trace proof for complains.

Facilitate strategic resource planning
Provide track records of the computer usage, including URL browsing record and application software usage record. Therefore, you can envisage strategic plans for better allocation of IT resources.

Software and hardware asset management
Conveniently keep track with the current software and hardware configuration of your enterprise?|s computers, even they disperse in cross border offices.

User privileged control
Assigned passwords and user privilege to selected users for security purpose.

Facilitate remote management of cross border offices
Effectively supervise and remotely control the production workflow and data transfer among offices where they are located geographically apart through Internet.

Data encryption, high performance data compression and data transfer
Data exchange between workstations and IP-guard Server is protected and encrypted by way of the 64-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES).

Scalability and cost-saving solution
Operates on existing IT infrastructure which can range from a single computer to a network environment.

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