Backup is an essential part of a daily data protection Policy and Procedure. Essentially there are three types of backup namely; Tape, Disk and Off-Site backup. You might be thinking which one is the best. Well the best Backup is the one that is managed and checked on a daily bases. Most Engineers start panicking when the find out they need to restore from a backup. This is because they don’t know if the backup is working. Regular testing and monitoring of backups will elevate this as ensure recoverability of your data.

The best Backup Technology would be a combination of Disk, Tape and Off-Site backup. A backup is not just getting the data on another medium; it should be engineered with two main aspects in mind:

Recovery Time Objective – RTO

This is the amount of time available for a restore before the business would suffer any financial or unrecoverable loses.

Recovery Point Objective – RPO

The Recovery Point Objective would determine how far back or old the data could be before any loses would cause unrecoverable or financial loss to the organisation.

 Ingran has the expertise to assess and assist in converging different technologies in order to deliver on both the RTO and RPO for your organisation. Contact us now without delay to find the right solution for you. 

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