86% of sites report that their file servers are filling up faster than they planned with:

  • old files
  • closed projects
  • duplicate files  
  • images and movies                                                       
  • unrestrained user data
  • server consolidation   


To understanding the problem – you have to have visibility into how many files you have (how many duplicates), what are the file sizes (largest), file types (jpg, zip, etc.), or age of the files (greater than "n" years).

With that information you could decide what files can be moved to lower cost storage?

Here's a no charge, no registration tool to help you gain insight into storage usage on your file servers. Run it from your desktop and point it at any folder on any server to get a view of the age of your files and the space you can save. Click here to download the no charge, Storage Savings Estimator tool.

Call us with your results. We'll show you how you can gain back the space - almost immediately. 

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