What is thin computing?

Thin Computing delivers the access your people need, at a much lower cost than traditional methods, all without compromising your security or manageability. Thin Computing makes it easier for IT to manage systems and improve the reliability and security of information, which dramatically lowers IT costs. Yet Thin Computing still provides the access to applications and data that people need in order to move the business forward. All while improving on the security, reliability, and availability.

People often make the mistake of thinking that Thin Computing is just another name for thin-client computing. Actually, Thin Computing includes hardware, services and software that work with Thin Clients and PCs, as well as wireless devices and other systems. It gives everybody in your organization secure access to the information and the applications they need, without requiring the desktop systems to store them.

Why Thin Computing and Why Now?

Today, as much as 80 percent of ITs budget is allocated to maintenance, making it very hard for any IT organization to add value to the business. Chief Information Officers have seen their titles evolve to Chief Infrastructure Officer, as they are totally consumed by the need to avoid regulatory problems and keep things running at the same time. Thin Computing not only reduces the cost to deliver desktop computing by as much as 40 percent, it also frees IT staff time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Additionally, the increased availability of high-bandwidth network connections allow Thin Computing solutions to run at near desktop speeds. This makes it easier and more acceptable for business professionals to use Thin Clients in mission-critical applications 

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