Ingran Consulting Services can help you in determining what the best solution would be for your current and future business needs. Our experience within the industry helps us to propose the correct solutions to our customer and assist with the integration and deployment into your organisation.

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  1. Planning - Planning services are associated with identifying business requirements, and planning the implementation of IT based business solutions.
  2. Design - Design services are associated with the technical design of the IT system, so that it will perform according to the requirement.
  3. Implementation - This involves the integration of various software packages to provide the required functionality, and the integration of various hardware and network products to provide an appropriate systems infrastructure.
  4. Support - In order for an IT system to fulfil a requirement for a dependable business solution, it must be effectively supported.
  5. Commissioning - Commissioning is associated with the installation of the system on site, training the users, and going live. This is where user commitment and participation is vital for the success of the project.

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