Who We Are

Ingran Africa was founded in 2002 and specialises in Enterprise Solutions with a core focus on Data Storage and Recovery technologies.

We are able to assess, design, integrate, and manage an end-to-end solution from Enterprise to Small and Medium sized Organisations.

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Our Partnerships

Our partnerships are built on years of success and understanding in various technologies which has led to international recognised and the forming of close partnerships with various vendors.

Our BBBEE Rating

Ingran Africa (Pty) Ltd has received a Broad Based BEE score of a level 1 Contributor.

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Our Services and Solutions

Data Storage

Looking for the right solution to last you into tomorrow and to fit your business requirements can be a daunting task, Ingran’s Consulting services can simplify this by deliver the correct solution that meets your current and future requirements.

With years of experience in Storage Area Networks, Ingran a Tier 1 Solution Provider can take pride in delivering, implementing and supporting your Data Storage Environment. Our expertise will help you speed up data delivery, Optimize utilisation, automate replication, enhance data point-in-time recovery and Experience the benefit of optimised integration.

Managed Services

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) our 24/7 management system ensures end-to-end system’s management and protection to deliver a proactive support model.  Our MSP Services include:
– 24/7 Monitoring
– Firewall Management
– Endpoint Management
– Server and infrastructure management
– Asset reporting,Ransomware and threat prevention
– Local and Cloud Backup
– Automation

Server Consolidation
and Virtualisation

Over the years CPU power has increased drastically. This amount of processor power has made it possible to run multiple Servers on the same hardware. IT budgets are getting smaller and we want to do more and more in our environments. Reducing ROI and decreasing CAPEX is one of the greatest driving factors for Virtualising Server and Workstation environments. Ingran can assist in the planning and deployment of Virtual Machines into your organisation.
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Disaster Recover solutions have many aspects to take into consideration. These aspects differ as different organisations have different Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) to meet. Furthermore, RTO’s and RPO’s are determined by the available budgets and time frames available to meet the requirements.
We help customers find the balance between budgets, RTO and RPO to achieve a desired recovery plan. This could be as simple as a backup strategy to as complex as a full disaster recovery plan. We have the solutions to assist you step by step.
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Backup is an essential part of a daily data protection Policy and Procedure. Essentially there are three types of backup namely; Tape, Disk and Off-Site backup. You might be thinking which one is the best. Well the best Backup is the one that is managed and checked on a daily basis. Most Engineers start panicking when the find out they need to restore from a backup. This is because they don’t know if the backup is working. Regular testing and monitoring of backups will elevate this as ensure recoverability of your data.
A minimum the Rule of Thumb for data copies is 3-2-1. Always have 3 copies of your data on 2 different media and keep 1 backup copy offsite.
For our extensive backup and recovery portfolio give us a call.


Ingran Consulting Services can help you in determining what the best solution would be for your current and future business needs. Our experience within the industry helps us to propose the correct solutions to our customer and assist with the integration and deployment into your organisation.

Contact us now and we could be assisting you with the following:

Planning – Planning services are associated with identifying business requirements, and planning the implementation of IT based business solutions.
Design – Design services are associated with the technical design of the IT system, so that it will perform according to the requirement.
Implementation – This involves the integration of various software packages to provide the required functionality, and the integration of various hardware and network products to provide an appropriate system’s infrastructure.
Support – In order for an IT system to fulfil a requirement for a dependable business solution, it must be effectively supported.
Commissioning – Commissioning is associated with the installation of the system on site, training the users, and going live. This is where user commitment and participation is vital for the success of the project.

Professional Deployment

Our deployment experts can help to make your IT investments as productive as possible and implement as quickly as possible. With our smart planning, experience of various technologies and years of building a deployment practices we can deploy your digital technology faster, with less effort and more control.